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>There is a reason he is one of the most feared mutants in the Marvel
>universe, and one of the 12.
>one of the 12?

The 12 mutants said to lead humanity (or at least mutants) to the next stage, at least back when they were introduced. Just a few months ago, it was revealed that the 12 were actually (at least this version of them, see my comments below) 12 mutants that would enable Apocalypse to become virtually a god. Apocalypse's version of the 12 was Magneto, Polaris, Cyclops, Pheonix, Ice Man (I think), Storm, Bishop, Cable, Sunfire, the Living Monolith, Professor X, and Psylocke (maybe, I can't remember, it's been while since I read that part of the series). Each of these had particular powers that linked them strongly either to the Earth and the elements, the universe's powers or to humanity as a whole. The problem with this, is that it goes against some of what has been revealed before about the 12 (specifically that Franklin Richards was supposed to be the 12th of the Twelve, not the Living Monolith), so this to me means that we may not have seen the true 12.


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