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> >Subject: [gundam] Gelgoog...GM or Gundam equavilent?
> >I think for the Gelgoog to truly be a Gundam Equavilent, it >would need
> more
> >of an arsenal-stuff like a back up set of cannons a la the >Gundam's
> >vulcans... and also it would need something like the core >fighter

strictly speaking you're not talking about a Gundam equivilent, but a
gundam clone, in practice once better armored Mobile Suits became
available the head vulcans became kinda superfluous except as harrasment
weapons (this is not Gundam Wing where any weapon on a 'Gundam' kills
any grunt-suit in one salvo reguardless of the weapon's size)
also while in some situations a core fighter may be usefull those
instances don't crop up often enough generally to justify the increase
in cost inherent in the core-block system, the Gelgoog is fine just like
it is and if anyone but Amuro Rei was piloting it the Gundam would be
given a run for it's money


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