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I'm not sure, one of the local Ice Cream companies (Magnolia I think) is
raffling one of so it probably is out, unless of course Sony Philippines is
to lazy to aue them. BTW, are you planning to "mod" your PS2 to play games
from everywhere and anywhere? I heard that PS2 mod chips could only be found
in HK.

>sorry for the OT post but I just want to ask the people here >who are
>residing in South East Asia, has PS2 been officially released >in our
>Currently I'm in Hong Kong right now but I live in the >Philippines and I
>want to buy a system that will play region 3 DVD (South East >Asia, which
>covers the Philippines and Hong Kong). There are a lot of PS2s >being sold
>here but it's hard to inquire properly since their english >isn't that good
>and I don't know any Chinese.


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