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Is it possible that Tomino wanted to say something by doing things that way.
it does reflect on the organization of the armies, but is there anything
more... I dunno, philosophical or the like.

>Quattro Bagina's Rick Dias has a unique colour scheme. Other >than that, I
>think that the Federal Forces base colours on Units, i.e. The >White Dingo

The Rick Dias was AEUG and not Feddie!

>At 12:26 PM 10/09/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Omega's query about Zeon ace color schemes got me thinking. Did we ever see
>any Feddie aces with their own special colors? In 0083, South Burning's GM
>Custom looks no different than anyone elses. The whole 08th MS Team were a
>uniform scheme. Chien from CCA was piloting the recently vacated ReGZ, the
>only one of its kind.
>I'm obviously talking variants that we actually see in the TV/OAV/Movies,
>Amuro's Zetaplus is no good. I honestly can't think of any... any Feddie
>I can think of has always seemed to be in a prototype or at the very least,
>a unique mobile suit, otherwise they're in a mass produced suit, identical
>in every way to the rest of their squad. Think Quattro in the Hyaku Shiki
>(that's just sounds so cool. Its a shame to just call it the Type 100).
>First Gundam also had the Guncannon and Guntank.
>So, were there any? Failing that, does Girens Greed give you neat Feddie
>color variants?
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