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Try the brown scheme used bt the Dom Tropens in 0083 or the greenish ones by
the Rick Dom 2's in 0080. BTW, what are the exact Technical differences
between the Dom and the Rick Dom.

>Ok I just got a Rick Dom and it's a cool model and all but I am >having a
>problem deciding what color to paint it. I don't really want >to leave
>it in the normal Black Trinity colors because I'm going to get >3 Doms
>and I want to have a diorama of all the major Zeon Mecha from >the OYW
>with their main pilots colors. Like Shin Matsunaga and >J.Ridden in
>their Zaku II customs,Ramba Ral in his Gouf(when it comes >out),Char's
>Gelgoog, and the Black Trinity in their Doms. But I can't >think of
>anyone else with a custom paint job and I don't want my Rick >Dom to
>blend in with my Trinity. I was thinking Anavel Gato but I >can't
>remember what his colors where.
>Any suggestions of a color scheme would be fine.

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