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> Are there anymore names with that sort
> of depth to it in the Gundam Universes?

One could argue that any name that wasn't invented for the series has "depth" in
the sense that there's some historical connotation or other.

For example, "Salamis" is the name of both an ancient city on the east coast of
Cyprus and a Greek island in the Saronic Gulf off Attica, both of which were the
sites of famous battles. I think the island is the one for which the Federation
ship is named.

"Columbus" and "Magellan" speak for themselves. "Medea" was an enchantress in
Greek mythology who helped Jason acquire the Golden Fleece and repeatedly
resorted to murder to achieve her ends. "Pegasus" was, of course, the winged
steed of Perseus.

On the Zeon side, we find the "Papua" (an island in New Guinea, which,
coincidentally, turns up as a Titans base in Z Gundam), "Samson" (celebrated
Biblical strongman), "Yukon" (territory in NW Canada between Alaska and British
Columbia) and "Zanzibar" (island off the east coast of Africa that united with
Tanganyika to form Tanzania in 1964).

And that's just the major ship classes.

Individual ship names of note include Siegfried (legendary Teutonic
dragonslayer), Graf Zeppelin (Ferdinand Adolf August Heinrich, 1838-1917,
inventor of the rigid dirigible), Albion (poetic name for the Britain of King
Arthur), Peer Gynt (Peder Olson Haga, 1732-1785, Norwegian folk hero
immortalized in 1875 by Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Grieg, "Hall of the Mountain
King" being the most recognizable theme from Grieg's suite), Bosnia (Balkan
state absorbed into Yugoslavia from 1946 to 1992, it was purely historical when
Z Gundam was produced), Mont Blanc (highest mountain in the Savoy Alps between
France and Italy), Jeanne D'Arc (AKA Joan of Arc, 1412-1431, saint and French
national heroine), Artemis (Greek goddess of the Moon and patroness of hunters),
Tribune (14th Century Roman official responsible for protecting plebeian
citizens from arbitrary actions of the patrician magistrates), Ginga (Japanese,
literally "silver river" but used as equivalent of "Milky Way" to mean
"galaxy"), Medgar Evers (Double Fake manga, 1925-1963, first NAACP field
secretary in Mississippi, shot in the back by Byron de la Beckwith on 12 June
1963; Beckwith was not convicted until 1993), and Kobayashi Maru (Gundam F90
manga, homage to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan).

As you can see, Gundam is chock full of interesting allusions, if you only take
a few moments to look them up.


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