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>More to the point, it's the title of a French song recorded on 9 October
1946 by
>Edith Piaf that has become almost synonymous with French romanticism. You've
>probably heard it a thousand times and never known it, because it's used
in the
>background of films from the 1940s to the 1960s to characterize France in
>general and Paris in particular. It's often associated with World War II,
>though it wasn't recorded until after the War, because Edith Piaf was popular
>throughout the 1930s and 1940s. Her song "Tu Es Partout" (recorded 25
>1942) is featured in the movie SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.
>You'll find an MP3 of a recording by Edith Piaf, then chanteuse who made it
>famous, at:
>You'll find the original French lyrics at:
>You'll find the retrofitted English lyrics and a tacky MIDI instrumental

yup. I have a CD of Edith Piaf. Using the song while looking at the ship
dock would be like...2001.

>In any case, it was Tomino who came up with the name and he has a
reputation for
>using foreign words and phrases solely for their exotic sound, not for any
>meaning they may have.
>The writers of 0083, on the other hand, seem to engage in a lot of calculated
>wordplay. "Lili Marleen" (sometimes rendered as "Lili Marlene") -- for which
>Cima Garahau's Zanzibar is named -- was arguably the most popular song for
>soldiers on both sides of World War II. The words are from the poem "The
>Of A Young Sentry" by a German soldier named Hans Liep, who wrote it just
>going to the Russian front in 1915, set to music by Norbert Schultze in 1938.
>The song was banned by the Nazis -- Goebbels didn't like it and decried its
>"portentous character" -- but Rommel allowed it to be broadcast to his Afrika
>Korps troops, after which it became almost an anthem. Allied troops
picked it
>up from Radio Belgrade broadcasts and an English version was subsequently
>recorded by movie star Marlene Dietrich (Maria Magdalena von Losch
Dietrich) in
>1944 after an RCA choral version hit Number 13 that June.

Now that I didn't know. Thanks Z! Are there anymore names with that sort
of depth to it in the Gundam Universes?

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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