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> > Well, it says _something_ above him in the Rapport Delux. But I cant read
> > Japanese or find his name in the Viz comics.
> Well now that I find it pg 86 the first name (5 characters left of the big
> is Su-te-fu-a-n, last name is he-be-n (3 characters right of the big dot) So
> from the first name we can rough-out:
> Stephan (Steven should be different sounds)

I'd transcribe that as "Stefan" -- pronounced STEF-un or ste-FAN, depending on
whether you're Western or Eastern European.

> Hibben (this is a guess, maybe Hebon)

Considering that the H-line does double duty as the F-line and the B-line (which
is the H-line with a nigori, just as the P-line is the H-line with a maru) does
double duty as the V-line, you could transliterate this as "Feben" or "Feven" or

> Gonna have to bring you a Katakana sheet sometime Neil, its really easy
> to match the characters with a sheet, its trying to make sense of the sounds
> into English/French/German or whatever language the Bandai/Sunrise guys
> are reading when they make a series.

Ain't THAT the truth. And then they forget whatever it was (or, at leat, how to
spell it) and come up with their own Romanization. So "Camille" becomes
"Kamiyu" or "Kamiru"...

My favorites is also from 0083: Lucette Audevie, which by rights should be
Lucette Eau-de-Vie, after the clear French brandy.


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