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>If you get it, could you explain it to the unenlightened. Never could
>understand why a space station that was mostly industrial in nature got
>called 'the lif in pink' (I think, but my French is bad enough to get me
>lynched by the Academie Franšais).

Well the space station looks like a giant cruiser-eating Rose, so some
guy at Bandai/Sunrise finds a phrase in a book/magazine with the word
rose in it, or title of a song (many ships have songs behind their names
or songs written after them, so why not a space station named after a
song) anyway this belongs with the same proud tradition as Jamitov
Hyman, Quattro Bagina, South Burning etc...

At least Bandai/Sunrise isn't as bad as the Broccoli Productions names
for the girls in the James Bond movies...

According to Babelfish "La Vie en Rose" is "Life as a Rose"


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