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well, a mod-chip has been released for the PS2
so on a related note, people in the US can get their PS2 at the end of this
month, plug in a mod chip, and get to play G-Savior because the mod-chip
will play all games regardless of the territory it was made for (so Japanese
games will run on the US version of the PS2). the drawback is that it will
play pirated CDs (those games recorded on CD-ROM format, not on DVD-ROM

anyway, with regards to those being sold in the Philippines, I know they are
Japan-imports, meaning their DVD movie capabilites are limited to region 2
(Japan's region) so I won't be able to play DVDs I will purchase around SE
Asia (including those in the Philippines)

anyway, while on the topic of consoles, can anybody give feedback on the
WonderSwan? looks tempting because it's prices around the same price range
as a PocketStation and I have seen AT LEAST 4 different Gundam games for it

> Sorry for the lack of further info but there are some shops selling PS2
in the Phil. A shop in Virramall at the 3rd floor sells them and if I recall
there was another being sold in GrandCentral Gotesco Caloocan. What I'm not
sure is under what Region the DVD is configured and wether it will accept
bootleg PSX1 discs or if a modchip has been released.

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