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Wed, 11 Oct 2000 00:17:57 -0400

> Well, it says _something_ above him in the Rapport Delux. But I cant read
> Japanese or find his name in the Viz comics.

Well now that I find it pg 86 the first name (5 characters left of the big
is Su-te-fu-a-n, last name is he-be-n (3 characters right of the big dot) So
from the first name we can rough-out:

Stephan (Steven should be different sounds)
Hibben (this is a guess, maybe Hebon)

Gonna have to bring you a Katakana sheet sometime Neil, its really easy
to match the characters with a sheet, its trying to make sense of the sounds
into English/French/German or whatever language the Bandai/Sunrise guys
are reading when they make a series.

Like "La Vie en Rose" I was convinced the space station was named after
"Arabian Rose" until I saw the original 'Sabrina' with Bogart, and the girl
singing 'La Vie en Rose' and I get it.


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