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I know these, there are a lot of these here in Hong Kong. they have all the
Gundam movies and all the Gundam TV series in a set, all the 0079, Z, ZZ, V,
Wing, X, G eps. in one set in both DVD and VCD formats. they also have
movies such as CCA, F91, and the OVAs 0080, 0083, 8th MS. did I miss out on
anything? I've also seen eps. of Turn A although not compiled yet.

I wouldn't say they're offical Bandai releases. for one thing the box
varies from store to store. but they are in original Japanese dub with
Chinese subtitles.

> I recently saw a couple of Gundam DVD auctions on eBay. I think they are
> CCA, ZZ, 08th Team, and F91. The descriptions on these auctions gave me
> impression that these DVDs are sort-of the "concentrated" version of the
> OVA. But the subtitles are in Chinese and the voices are in Japanese. So
> you don't know these two langueges, you are out-of-luck.

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