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>>Unless those are import stores, you will most likely be out of luck. These
>>are only available imported. No domestic release (at least not yet...kinda
>>surprised Bandai hasn't tried releasing soundtracks over here yet). That's
>>why I suggested Animenation. Others on the list are familar with the other
>>online stores you can go to.
> Weren't you reading when we were saying that Legends charges to much for
>GUNDAM KITS! Frank & Sons has all kinds of different stuff. They have lots
>of anime stuff there.

Probably not...I delete alot of the model posts, simply because I'm not that interested in those discussions. I just know that the stores that have anime stuff available around here don't carry CDs, nor do many in other cities that I know about. Most of those that do are often those SM ripoffs I discussed above.


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