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>>Um, I was refering to the OST (original soundtracks, ie, music CDs!). Go
>>to Animenation's homepage and you can order them at about $30 apiece plus
> Ouch! $30. That is way to nuch for me to pay.

Unless you are lucky, and have a cheap place nearby (or at a convention), that is the normal price I've seen for most imported anime soundtracks. Some are as cheap as $20 or $25 (depending on series, number of songs, etc), but some can get outrageous since they are OOP (like the Bubblegum Crash CDs I saw priced at $75 apiece). Buying the CDs as a set (if available) is generally a bit cheaper than getting them seperately (by $5 or $10 usually).

There are also ripoffs of many anime STs, made by Son May (sp?). These are cheap, Taiwanese (if I remember correctly) burned copies that pay no royalties to the originators. They are also often missing some of the neat stuff you get with the originals. I personally find the idea of them kind of offensive (as well as illegal), so once I understood what they were, I avoid them like the plague.


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