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> 1. Allenby in Fei Yen KN vs Heero in Angelan
> 2. The Earth Federation (OYW era) vs the Decepticons
> 3. Classic vs Classic: Amuro in the RX-78 vs Optimus Prime (TF Gen 1)
> 4. Char in a Gelgoog vs Megatron (Ditto)
> 5. Devil Gundam vs a Borg Cube (please, don't start up the ST argument we
> had last time!)
> 6. Amuro in Turn A vs Char in Turn X
> 7. Magneto vs Anything the various Gundam series can come up with
> 8. The Feds and Zeons (OYW era) vs the Zentradei
> 9. Amuro in RX-78 vs an unlimited number of Zeon grunts in Zakus - how
> many would be needed to take him down?
> 10. Noin in Tallgeese vs Emma Sheen in Mk-II
> 11. Puru in Nu Gundam vs Quess in Alpha Aziel
> 12. Luke Skywalker in Nu Gundam vs Amuro in Sazabi

1. Heero dies by suicide, but cripples Allenby.
2. Hmm... EF. They have newtypes.
3. This is a toughie... Childhood favorite vs. teenage favorite..... Optimus.
4. I'd love to see megatron rip Char to pieces.
5. Devil Gundam. (Two ponytails, master? (Read the little comics at the end
of Wing manga book #1)
6. Amuro. X went through the shredder too many times.
7. hah, it's called GUNDANIUM. Gundam wins with some losses, most notably
anything metal, not stapled down, and considered a grunt suit.
8. Feddies and Zion would kill each other, but some Zentraedi would be caught
in crossfire. Zentraedi.
9. Amuro wins until Char comes by, then a double deadlock or submission,
suicide, whatever.
10. Emma. Dunnno, it's a hunch.
11. Quess. MA's rule.
12. Ouch.... Nightengale, I'd say Char wins. Luke wins with the Nu and the
(hopefully) superior MG kit.

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