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> Trigun vols 3
> > and 4: More Vash-y goodness. Another one of my favorite shows. If you've
> > liked Trigun up to this point, it only gets better from this point on.
> Yeah Volume four had a more serious tone to it. I like the way they are
> developing Vash. He really is a peaceful idiot/zenmaster/superhuman with a
> terrible shadow haunting him wherever he goes... I wonder if he's at the
> Captain Tyler level of profance intentional idiocy or if he's headed in a
> more tragic but noble direction. At any rate it was weird finding out he's
> more chopped up than Darth Vader and Space Cobra put together under his
> red cloak..Ick. KInd of made me feel for the bastard though...
Ahh.. Trigun. My new favorite anime, well.... tied with Tenchi Muyo and
Gundam... I have up to volume 3 on the DVD. I kinda hate myself for looking
at spoilers, though... It is sooooo good, and near the end of ep. 9 is a
hint. Think of lost technology and tragic past.

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