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> I got Gasarki at a local comics store about a week ago and my copy was bad
> (skipping). I traded it in for a gift certificate and asked them to order
> another copy. So far it hasn't come in yet. I got to half way through the
> second episode before it got unwatchable. I kind of wish it was more
> patlabor like and less preoccupied with the mystical ESP Noh dance stuff
> I might change my mind once I see where they are going with it. I just
> they aren't headed in the direction of Evangelion. My God I've seen
> what..three remakes of Evangelion now(if you include Brain
> had enough.
Heh. I'm firmly in the I-Hate-Evangelion camp. Definately #1 in my overrated
anime list. I guess that's why I don't notice the Eva themes in Brain
Powered (another show that I positively loved). As for the Noh dance stuff,
I think it adds a little something else. On its own, the plot with the TA's
would be interesting, but tacking on the whole mystical sidestory (which i'm
assuming is the "real" main story, once we learn more) makes it a better,
more complete show.

> I dunno. I'm not a big believer in real mecha. I tend to like mecha more
> their fictional character and visual presence. I guess I'm a bit shallow
> that regard. I always liked odd ball stuff too such as Ishkicks, Invid,
> Oguroids, Zoanoids for Guyver, etc. Appleseed never really cuaght my fancy
> much although I did get very very into Patlabor although it was probably
> humor and characters that got me so involved.
Well, 20m tall mecha is kinda hard to justify in terms of realism (i'm sure
it can be done), but 6m or so isn't really all that huge. The TA's use of
those "shock" jumps on their legs, the cables, etc, all go to add realism
without relying on miraculous Minovsky physics.
I love my robots giant, too, I just really like small scale battles for some
reason =)

> Well fiction is a nototoriously poor substitute for real stuff. I'd think
> Mazinger could cream tanks too but the only reason he works(or the
> sympathetic nervous system of the TA's for that matter, or the
> tansformational sequence of a valkyrie) is because the guy who wrote the
> story says it does.
> I will agree that the TA's are a pretty good hard SF macguffin though.
> stand up with Labors and AT's and Helinlein-style suits rather well.
Oh for sure. But if we had the tech level to produce bipedal, humanoid
mecha, this is exactly how I'd expect them to be deployed =)

> As long as there are no back flips I guess I like ground action too. Giant
> Robo was always less fun while he was flying and more fun while he was
> standing waist deep in a river firing cannon volleys past his force field.
I've never seen Giant Robo, and it's one of those shows that I really feel
bad that I haven't. One of these days...
> It was pretty similar to the Macross Plus/Ghost in the Shell soundtrack as
> far as I could tell before the skipping started. Bad DVD's are the pits.
> if you like that kind of stuff this is definietly the DVD for you though.
I'm a _big_ Yoko Kanno fan (Macross Plus, among a huge other resume).
Gasaraki's music isn't quite her, but I can easily see her doing something
similar. I'll definately be trying to hunt down Gasaraki OST's in the near
future to see how they fare on their own.
> It was bit slow, and they used the Evangelion method of relaying the plot.
> Flashbacks, flashbacks, hallucinations, cryptic symbols, and lots and lots
> of casually thrown around snippets of conversation...oh, and flashbacks
> Other than that it was pretty intriguing. But then so was Brain Powered
> until I bought that fateful fourth tape with six episodes on
> it won't dissolve into a lot of vague Akira-esque goof ball psychic
> armageddon fluff with traces of David Lynch like shows in this vein tend
> do.
Heh. More Eva relations. Escaflowne used a lot of the same methodology, to
better effect, I might add, and I'm fairly sure that was out before Eva.
Flashbacks et all were used long before both, though =)
I really don't get why people rag on Brain Powered though. It's got likeable
characters, nice character design, and an entertaining story. Through the 6
episodes I've seen I can't figure out why people compare it to Eva...

> Outlaw Star is (along with Cowboy be-bop) an attempt to bring in a new
> iteration of the old Dirty Pair/Crusher Joe/Lupin III era of futuristic
> adventure. So far I've really enjoyed it though it gets a bit too crass
> it's own good at times. The story with Jim and the "master of 3d space
> assault with cats" assassin from the pirate clans kind of hit me a lot
> harder harder than I thought it could.It was bit too awful to come out of
> the blue like that.
Suzuka is one of my favorite female anime characters. It's all about style,
and damn does she have it =)
And I think you hit the nail right on the head, O.S. is nothing new, but it
has its own charm, tells its story, and you have fun while along for the
ride. Not everything needs to be genre redefining :P

> Yeah Volume four had a more serious tone to it. I like the way they are
> developing Vash. He really is a peaceful idiot/zenmaster/superhuman with a
> terrible shadow haunting him wherever he goes... I wonder if he's at the
> Captain Tyler level of profance intentional idiocy or if he's headed in a
> more tragic but noble direction. At any rate it was weird finding out he's
> more chopped up than Darth Vader and Space Cobra put together under his
> red cloak..Ick. KInd of made me feel for the bastard though...
I've seen all of Trigun fansubbed, so I know how it ends. Vol. 4 just barely
touches on the _Very_ dark themes to come. The second half of the series is
quite different from the first, but easily is the better half.

> Rats. If I'd nown they were doing DVD I'd have waited instead of buying
> VHS set.
I never buy VHS =) Anything that can wear out and hinder my entertainment
just isn't worth it. Plus they take up so much bloody room and don't even
look that good. I love DVD...
> Emery Calame

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