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>the Feddies, The Decepticons will get the upper-hand but then Starscream
>will instigate a coup and take over just in time to show everyone what a
>crappy leader he is

actually, the feds have the same problem, LOL!

>> 3. Classic vs Classic: Amuro in the RX-78 vs Optimus Prime (TF Gen 1)
>tie, Amuro is a whiz in the Gundam but 'Ol Optimus is one tough cookie

I would say Amuro wins. he a VERY dirt player.

>> 4. Char in a Gelgoog vs Megatron (Ditto)
>Megatron is a crafty and dirty fighter, it will depend on who pulls out
>the right trick at the right time

knowing char? he'll sacrifice good 'ol zakus just to get close and blow
megatron's face away.

>> 5. Devil Gundam vs a Borg Cube (please, don't start up the ST argument we
>> had last time!)
>You will be assimilated.. no, You will be assimilated.. no, You Will be
>assimilated.. no..


>the AC Gundams will mop the floor with Magneto since Gundanium is

but the structures inside gundams...ugh...deadly, trust me. Magneto would
win...the problem is if he gets hit by the Newtypes. brainfry time.

>Minovsky interferance will give the Zentradi trouble at first, but
>that'll all change when they start fireing-off those heavy bombardment
>cannons at Space colonies

there's no question about this, unless they use an idol singer, LOL!
hmmm....who can sing in gundam?

>> 9. Amuro in RX-78 vs an unlimited number of Zeon grunts in Zakus - how
>> many would be needed to take him down?
>one at a time or all at once?

anime laws say they can't, but realistically, all you need is about four to
keep him distracted and have a zaku with a sniping weapon.

>> 10. Noin in Tallgeese vs Emma Sheen in Mk-II
>don't know Emma but i'll have to give it to her anyway since Noin'll
>probably crush her own chest first time out in Tallgeese

not really. what could happen is that emma gets knocked out and dead, then
noin follows soon after from internal injuries.

>> 12. Luke Skywalker in Nu Gundam vs Amuro in Sazabi
>the winner? Star Wars and Gundam fans EVERYWHERE (Newtype versus Jedi,
>that's gonna be one helluva fight)


Amuro: so you've got a lightsaber? Try this!

<whacks Luke with a beam saber>

onthe other hand, those force powers are really nasty...

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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