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just a few anyway

Andrew Dynon wrote:
> To celebrate getting an essay in and having spare time:
> 1. Allenby in Fei Yen KN vs Heero in Angelan
> 2. The Earth Federation (OYW era) vs the Decepticons

the Feddies, The Decepticons will get the upper-hand but then Starscream
will instigate a coup and take over just in time to show everyone what a
crappy leader he is

> 3. Classic vs Classic: Amuro in the RX-78 vs Optimus Prime (TF Gen 1)

tie, Amuro is a whiz in the Gundam but 'Ol Optimus is one tough cookie

> 4. Char in a Gelgoog vs Megatron (Ditto)

Megatron is a crafty and dirty fighter, it will depend on who pulls out
the right trick at the right time

> 5. Devil Gundam vs a Borg Cube (please, don't start up the ST argument we
> had last time!)

You will be assimilated.. no, You will be assimilated.. no, You Will be
assimilated.. no..

> 6. Amuro in Turn A vs Char in Turn X

> 7. Magneto vs Anything the various Gundam series can come up with

the AC Gundams will mop the floor with Magneto since Gundanium is

> 8. The Feds and Zeons (OYW era) vs the Zentradei

Minovsky interferance will give the Zentradi trouble at first, but
that'll all change when they start fireing-off those heavy bombardment
cannons at Space colonies

> 9. Amuro in RX-78 vs an unlimited number of Zeon grunts in Zakus - how
> many would be needed to take him down?

one at a time or all at once?

> 10. Noin in Tallgeese vs Emma Sheen in Mk-II

don't know Emma but i'll have to give it to her anyway since Noin'll
probably crush her own chest first time out in Tallgeese

> 11. Puru in Nu Gundam vs Quess in Alpha Aziel
> 12. Luke Skywalker in Nu Gundam vs Amuro in Sazabi

the winner? Star Wars and Gundam fans EVERYWHERE (Newtype versus Jedi,
that's gonna be one helluva fight)


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