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First off sorry for continuing a thread that is way old, but after showin
0080 to my younger brother, he went off and bought an old 1/144 Kampfer kit.
I really had nothing better to do so I decided to review it.

Anyway on with ther review:

Series: 0080
Title: Kampfer(MS-18E)
Parts: 54 + polycaps + 4 runners
Colors: Dark Grey, light Grey, Green(!) and transparent pink
Tech Grade: sub-HG
In Short: Needs work (or to be redone in HGUC)
Status: weird(yet okay) color scheme since I used it to practice painting.

This kit is about okay for a model that's about 11 years old. There are
only a few complaints that I have with it, complaints that I'll have to live
with until an MG or HGUC Kampfer.

The Instruction manual is typical of 0080 kits, it's a fold out peice of
paper with pictures (not sketches) of the runners and easy to follow
instructions. It (like other 0080 kits) also comes with an illustration
with the Kampfer and a variant(mass production?) of it. There's also a small
color guide which is needed since that colors of the model are a bit off.

The model itself comes in a blue-green color scheme unlike the blue seen in
the OVA. Since this model needs painting anyway might as well include that.
The other parts that need painting are the thrusters that should be yellow.

The detailing is okay with most of the lines in their proper places. The
main problem is with the molding. The body is a bit flat, the front is a
bit squashed and makes the MS look like a frog. The thighs also seem a bit
fat at certain angles but that may be since they don't go to well with the
body. I have no complaint with the arms, the hands though are a bit too
large, they are adequate though for holding all the accesory weapons (and
this kit has a lot of weapons).

Assembly is easy except that some of the smaller parts, especially the
boosters are a bit loose and need to be glued on. Ditto for the holders for
the 2 giant bazookas.

The Kampfer is an MS that comes packed with hardware. 2 shotguns, 2
panzerfausts, 2 giant bazookas plus the chain mines. This is a mobile suit
built to destroy large numbers of mobile suits quickly. The weapons are
quite well done as you can see small details on them. Most of them snapped
on quite easily except for the smaller of the two shotguns (the stockless
one) which needed a visit from Mr. Cement(tm). The planzerfausts
howerver are molded in one piece and have holes that need to be filled. The
chain mines are one sided and the other side reveals the wire that connects
them together. Tha means that you have to keep them wrapped around
something (an unlucky GM?) to keep if you want to display it.

The head, I've saved for last since I really liked it. Its made up of only 3
parts and a polycap but that itself is enough. You see unlike todays HGUC
kits, the Kampfer has a transparent plastic eye and not a sticker, if ever
an HGUC kit is made they have to keep the head of this one in. The neck
though is a bit long and the head seems to stand a bit too high from some

Overall, the model is okay. It needs a bit of work to make it look good. I
recommend it only for serious Kampfer (or Cyclops Team) fans or those who
want to complete the old 0080 kits. Me? I used this kit to practice with
Gunze Sangyo Mr. Color psray model paints (and it did come out nice

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