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> Outlaw Star is (along with Cowboy be-bop) an attempt to bring in a new
> iteration of the old Dirty Pair/Crusher Joe/Lupin III era of futuristic
> adventure. So far I've really enjoyed it though it gets a bit too crass for
> it's own good at times. The story with Jim and the "master of 3d space
> assault with cats" assassin from the pirate clans kind of hit me a lot
> harder harder than I thought it could.It was bit too awful to come out of
> the blue like that.

Love the cat master ep... I also luv the Hot Springs episode... I love Suzukas
comments of the lack of charm of most of the hot springs... Outlaw Star
surprised me.. When I saw the trailers I thought it was cheezy, and a bad rival
to Bebop, but it really is up there with Bebop.. Its got a cool storyline.. Its
like a sci-fi companion to escaflowne....

> > revolutionary, but thats a good thing sometimes. I like it. Trigun vols 3
> > and 4: More Vash-y goodness. Another one of my favorite shows. If you've
> > liked Trigun up to this point, it only gets better from this point on.
> Yeah Volume four had a more serious tone to it. I like the way they are
> developing Vash. He really is a peaceful idiot/zenmaster/superhuman with a
> terrible shadow haunting him wherever he goes... I wonder if he's at the
> Captain Tyler level of profance intentional idiocy or if he's headed in a
> more tragic but noble direction. At any rate it was weird finding out he's
> more chopped up than Darth Vader and Space Cobra put together under his nice
> red cloak..Ick. KInd of made me feel for the bastard though...

Cant wait for it....

> > Escaflowne Vol. 1: Nice transfer of a classic show. The music videos on
> the
> > DVD are a nice bonus. Plus, buy all 8 Escaflowne DVD's and they'll send
> you
> > a set of Esca Tarot Cards.
> Rats. If I'd nown they were doing DVD I'd have waited instead of buying the
> VHS set.
> You might want to rent Ergheiz too. It's a pretty good show as far as Gundam
> inspired stuff goes.
> Emery Calame
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