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I got Gasarki at a local comics store about a week ago and my copy was bad
(skipping). I traded it in for a gift certificate and asked them to order me
another copy. So far it hasn't come in yet. I got to half way through the
second episode before it got unwatchable. I kind of wish it was more
patlabor like and less preoccupied with the mystical ESP Noh dance stuff but
I might change my mind once I see where they are going with it. I just hope
they aren't headed in the direction of Evangelion. My God I've seen
what..three remakes of Evangelion now(if you include Brain Powered)....I've
had enough.

> 2. Despite how much I love Gundam, my favorite scale for humanoid mecha
> significantly smaller. We're talking 6 meters tall or so, and Gasaraki
> that nicely. Gasaraki's TA's are around that height and it lends a sense
> realism ... a sort of, "hey, this really could happen." They're more at
> combatting tanks, and are much more agile.

I dunno. I'm not a big believer in real mecha. I tend to like mecha more for
their fictional character and visual presence. I guess I'm a bit shallow in
that regard. I always liked odd ball stuff too such as Ishkicks, Invid,
Oguroids, Zoanoids for Guyver, etc. Appleseed never really cuaght my fancy
much although I did get very very into Patlabor although it was probably the
humor and characters that got me so involved.

> 3. Episode 3 features a battle involving TA's ambushing a huge batallion
> tanks. This fight should be used as a case study any time someone
> the effectiveness of bipedal fighting machines. They work exactly as you
> would expect, and positively cream the tanks.

Well fiction is a nototoriously poor substitute for real stuff. I'd think
Mazinger could cream tanks too but the only reason he works(or the
sympathetic nervous system of the TA's for that matter, or the
tansformational sequence of a valkyrie) is because the guy who wrote the
story says it does.

I will agree that the TA's are a pretty good hard SF macguffin though. They
stand up with Labors and AT's and Helinlein-style suits rather well.

> 4. I'm a sucker for ground based mecha action, hence the reason 08th MS
> is one of my favorites. Sure, battling mecha in space is cool, but
> an up-close-and-personal element that you really only get when the
> groundpounders are going at it.

As long as there are no back flips I guess I like ground action too. Giant
Robo was always less fun while he was flying and more fun while he was
standing waist deep in a river firing cannon volleys past his force field.

> 5. Great music. All kinds of influences, but the Japanese spiritual part
> plays into the music too (Yes kids, this isn't just a mecha show, there's
> some heavy spiritual elements to it)

It was pretty similar to the Macross Plus/Ghost in the Shell soundtrack as
far as I could tell before the skipping started. Bad DVD's are the pits. But
if you like that kind of stuff this is definietly the DVD for you though.

> I saw 2 really horrible third generation or so fansubs at Otafest last
> summer, and was intrigued with the show from the start. Rewatching those
> episodes (and picking up a lot I missed), along with the others on the
> have really gotten me into this show. There's nothing to not like so far,
> it's got it all, great design, cool story, intrigue, mecha, interesting
> characters, near future setting on Earth...

It was bit slow, and they used the Evangelion method of relaying the plot.
Flashbacks, flashbacks, hallucinations, cryptic symbols, and lots and lots
of casually thrown around snippets of conversation...oh, and flashbacks too.
Other than that it was pretty intriguing. But then so was Brain Powered
until I bought that fateful fourth tape with six episodes on it....Hopefully
it won't dissolve into a lot of vague Akira-esque goof ball psychic
armageddon fluff with traces of David Lynch like shows in this vein tend to
> This should really be a no brainer for anyone picking up quality anime
> DVD's, especially for mech heads =)
> On another note, quick comments on the other DVD's I picked up: Outlaw
> Vol. 1: Steal of a deal, 9 eps for $30. Enjoyable show, nothing

Outlaw Star is (along with Cowboy be-bop) an attempt to bring in a new
iteration of the old Dirty Pair/Crusher Joe/Lupin III era of futuristic
adventure. So far I've really enjoyed it though it gets a bit too crass for
it's own good at times. The story with Jim and the "master of 3d space
assault with cats" assassin from the pirate clans kind of hit me a lot
harder harder than I thought it could.It was bit too awful to come out of
the blue like that.

> revolutionary, but thats a good thing sometimes. I like it. Trigun vols 3
> and 4: More Vash-y goodness. Another one of my favorite shows. If you've
> liked Trigun up to this point, it only gets better from this point on.

Yeah Volume four had a more serious tone to it. I like the way they are
developing Vash. He really is a peaceful idiot/zenmaster/superhuman with a
terrible shadow haunting him wherever he goes... I wonder if he's at the
Captain Tyler level of profance intentional idiocy or if he's headed in a
more tragic but noble direction. At any rate it was weird finding out he's
more chopped up than Darth Vader and Space Cobra put together under his nice
red cloak..Ick. KInd of made me feel for the bastard though...

> Escaflowne Vol. 1: Nice transfer of a classic show. The music videos on
> DVD are a nice bonus. Plus, buy all 8 Escaflowne DVD's and they'll send
> a set of Esca Tarot Cards.

Rats. If I'd nown they were doing DVD I'd have waited instead of buying the
VHS set.
You might want to rent Ergheiz too. It's a pretty good show as far as Gundam
inspired stuff goes.

Emery Calame

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