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Wow. My reasonably big DVD order came in on Friday, and i've had all kinds
of stuff to entertain me this weekend. Just started watching Gasaraki now,
though. Short review: If you're a fan of realistic mecha series, GO BUY IT

No long review yet, still have two episodes to go, just some general
1. This is by far and away the best anime DVD transfer I've seen yet. It
does help that this was a 1998 show, but everything looks great. Colors are
vibrant, audio is solid. I'm quite smitten with the character designs, they
fit with the show perfectly. Mechanical designs are about as realistic as
they get, and look amazing in motion. Subtitling is as perfect as it gets,
too. Nice yellow subs, black borders, nice font, and slightly larger than
normal. Very easy on the eyes.
2. Despite how much I love Gundam, my favorite scale for humanoid mecha is
significantly smaller. We're talking 6 meters tall or so, and Gasaraki fits
that nicely. Gasaraki's TA's are around that height and it lends a sense of
realism ... a sort of, "hey, this really could happen." They're more at home
combatting tanks, and are much more agile.
3. Episode 3 features a battle involving TA's ambushing a huge batallion of
tanks. This fight should be used as a case study any time someone questions
the effectiveness of bipedal fighting machines. They work exactly as you
would expect, and positively cream the tanks.
4. I'm a sucker for ground based mecha action, hence the reason 08th MS team
is one of my favorites. Sure, battling mecha in space is cool, but there's
an up-close-and-personal element that you really only get when the
groundpounders are going at it.
5. Great music. All kinds of influences, but the Japanese spiritual part
plays into the music too (Yes kids, this isn't just a mecha show, there's
some heavy spiritual elements to it)

I saw 2 really horrible third generation or so fansubs at Otafest last
summer, and was intrigued with the show from the start. Rewatching those
episodes (and picking up a lot I missed), along with the others on the DVD
have really gotten me into this show. There's nothing to not like so far,
it's got it all, great design, cool story, intrigue, mecha, interesting
characters, near future setting on Earth...

This should really be a no brainer for anyone picking up quality anime
DVD's, especially for mech heads =)

On another note, quick comments on the other DVD's I picked up: Outlaw Star
Vol. 1: Steal of a deal, 9 eps for $30. Enjoyable show, nothing
revolutionary, but thats a good thing sometimes. I like it. Trigun vols 3
and 4: More Vash-y goodness. Another one of my favorite shows. If you've
liked Trigun up to this point, it only gets better from this point on.
Escaflowne Vol. 1: Nice transfer of a classic show. The music videos on the
DVD are a nice bonus. Plus, buy all 8 Escaflowne DVD's and they'll send you
a set of Esca Tarot Cards.

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