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1. Gundam Wing continues to do very well in the US.
2. February will see the release of Gundam Wing Enless Waltz on VHS and DVD,
both will feature chronium covers, the DVD will inlcude a Dolby Digital 5.1
audio track, the 3 OAV's plus the Endless Waltz Movie.
3. Summer 2001 is being billed as Gundam DVD blockbuster release season, the
original Gundam TV Series, 0083, 0080, and M.S. 08th team are all planned.
4. Bandai is soldifying their Gundam release scheme for the next several
years, they plan on doing releases in a chronolgy style fashion with all of
the original series universe 0079 - 0080 - 83 rolling out this year.
5. Gundam Wing can be expected to air on Cartoon Network through March of
6. Pirates of Bandai Anime and merchandise are being watched and contacted.

My Comments:
1. Shrug. That's a good thing I guess. I chuckle every time I read clueless
Wing kiddies talking, but then I remember most of them are like 12 years old
and have no other exposure, so I shut up :P
2. Nifty indeed, and it sounds like a nice DVD, but I doubt I'll buy it.
Fact is, Endless Waltz just wasn't that good...
3. Woooooo! Summer DVD releases GOOD! That means I'm working full time and
can afford to buy 'em all without bankrupting myself.
4. Basically what we already theorized. They are doing everything
chronologically. Think they'll go straight through with UC, or will they air
a UC and AU story at the same time ...?
5. That's an impressively long run. Guess that means we'll be seeing First
Gundam right around then.
6. YES! This is good news. I hope they freakin' clean up eBay. If I see one
more person selling burned CD's of encoded gundam fansubs, I'm going to
scream (not only am I against the sale of fansubs, but I happen to know many
of the people who encoded 'em, so when I see little shits profitting from
Bandai, the fansubbers, and the encoders work ... erg! my blood boils)

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