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OmegaGundam wrote:

> Ok I just got a Rick Dom and it's a cool model and all but I am having a
> problem deciding what color to paint it. I don't really want to leave
> it in the normal Black Trinity colors because I'm going to get 3 Doms
> and I want to have a diorama of all the major Zeon Mecha from the OYW
> with their main pilots colors. Like Shin Matsunaga and J.Ridden in
> their Zaku II customs,Ramba Ral in his Gouf(when it comes out),Char's
> Gelgoog, and the Black Trinity in their Doms. But I can't think of
> anyone else with a custom paint job and I don't want my Rick Dom to
> blend in with my Trinity. I was thinking Anavel Gato but I can't
> remember what his colors where.
> Any suggestions of a color scheme would be fine.
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Desert Camouflage would be nice.


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