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actually, i've heard that the Gelgoog in some areas at least actually
surpases the original Gundam, it was Amuro's piloting abilities and
growing newtype powers that allowed him to take an at the time superior
mobile suit and make it nigh-invincable..


Richie Ramos wrote:
> At 08:56 AM 10/9/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >I've been wondering...although the Gelgoog packs beam weapons, does that
> >*really* make it as powerful as the Gundam, or is it at best just an
> >equavilent of the GM, another mass-production MS with beam weapons? Granted,
> >Char was able to go head-to-head with Amuro in a Gelgoog at Texas Colony,
> >but he also kept the guy busy with a Zaku and a Zugock as well.
> > I think for the Gelgoog to truly be a Gundam Equavilent, it would need more
> >of an arsenal-stuff like a back up set of cannons a la the Gundam's
> >vulcans... and also it would need something like the core fighter(Come to
> >think of it, did any manga/side story writer ever dream up a Zeon MS with a
> >core fighter?)
> I don't know, the gelgoog supposedly had quite a lot of improved features.
> i just don't know if it measures up to the gundam itself.
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