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LOL HA HA HA ^^ Join the club ^^ I suffered from the same problem ^^ But
that was only during the last year ^^ At least this year, I ordered about
300 dollars worth import anime CDs and singles(Custom orders) and yet, they
did manage to cut down time to 4 to 5 weeks for each one of my orders ^^
Although I have about 200 dollars worth stuffs to still come in ^^ I
understand if they take little bit longer since I have asked for some CDs
that are hard to find ^^ But I guess they are not being so nice to you huh?
^^ I think how they work is more like... THEY ONLY keep the items which
they think a lot of people would buy. And the rest THEY DON'T HAVE IT IN
RECIEVE THE MESSAGE ^^ Now whether this is legal or illegal, I don't know
^^(About advertising an item which they don't have in stock as "IN STOCK")
But one thing is certain;;; It makes us wait far much longer than expected

Well actually what you can do it BUGGING THEM ^^ But nicely ^^ If you bug
them nicely they will get something done for you. For example, when I was
ordering Love Hina CDs fro them, I nearly sent them 3 emails kept on bugging
them to UPDATE THEIR SITE so that I CAN ACTUALLY BUY IT ^^;; And after that
I have bugged them severals times VERY NICELY about other things which
didn't come in and then a week later, they got it right in ^^ So give it a
try ^^

Hyun Kye

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>I've ordered stuff from them about 5 times, 4 of which went off without a
>hitch, and the last one was an item which I guess went out of stock after I
>ordered it, and it took about 4 months to get delivered (It was a present
>my girlfriend, too... ouch.)
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>> I've done most of my online anime shopping with them (mostly CDs), and
>> get stuff to you fairly quickly. Occasionally, something will be out of
>> but they are generally able to get out of stock stuff to you within a
>> or two of the order. I haven't had any problems with them.
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