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> I did not say it was okay for forced labor. I asked to be explained to
> was meant by prisoners. Are these prisoners like in USA jails or are they
> innocent prisoners of communism? I said violent crime offenders deserve
> ever happens to them, NOT innocents!!

Nobody deserves messed up things, no matter what they did, unless we bring
ourselves down to that level. And we don't really know the specifics of
every prisoner. Even if the sentence is the same, do we treat the homeless
person who is busted for assualt trying to get away while stealing food for
his family the same as the person who beats up an old person for fun? (I'm
being intentionally extreme) .. These two people might have the same
sentence, and the same charge, but they are two way different people with way
different situations.

> like the Leaders of Communism do. If you know so
> much
> about China, please inform me, so I can be a better informed person.

I don't, and that was part of my point. I have a feeling that a lot of
miscarriages of justice occur in the people's republic, as it's one of those
stunning examples of communism's failures in the human rights arena.

> Yes, human rights should be for everyone, not matter no country. But how
> many are willing to fight to prevent or end, horrible stuff like communism
> and humanity crimes? Do you think Fidel Castro and China, are going to let
> us
> waltz in and stop their horrible stuff? In one word, No! It will require

erm... that wasn't my point. just that if we find what is basically slave
labor unspeakable here in the US, just because it's in some other messed up
country doesn't make it any better. And like I said, I'm playing devil's
advocate. I'm a complete addict to my consumer culture and I don't really
see myself changing my ways any time soon.

> Ack!, enough of this okay? Let's get back to our regularly scheduled
> programming :) So to speak, okay?

Ok, for once I agree with you aaron, this is way too OT. I'm too tired to
argue anyway :) (Just got back from a few days with my dad for his
wedding, and both sides of the family are hardcore alcoholics... Owww, my
aching head...)

> Aaron
> "Believing a sign of Zeta"

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