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Thats why I like the J.. Izubuchi totally made sense of the design. He still
kept the shape of the skirt, but segmented it. The other Gelgoogs look dorky and
immobile with the one piece skirt. Even the Doms hade multi-piece skirts... I
just feel the gelgoog is an ugly and dorky looking MS unless it was the J by
izubuchi. Even the torso and shoulders looked way better...

> I dunno. The Gelgoog wasn't meant to have Z style skirts. It's supposed to
> have that big one piece "gurdle" hip armor set up. If it's got skirt-panels
> then it's drifted out of Gelgoog and into Galubaldy B territory.
> Eh? How can you like the Geara Doga more than the Marasai? I mean the
> Marasai was it! Granted it was built by the Fed for use by the Titans but it
> was probably the sweetest looking suit I've seen just for simplicity and
> beauty. A Pity it only came in orange.
> Emery
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