Brandon Perlow (
Sun, 08 Oct 2000 13:57:54 +0100

Lets see my fav gundams
2)Rx93 NU
3) Zeta-Plus C (is it a gundam???)
its a great revision of a good design
4)Gp 02a.. How can you not like this badboy
5) Gp03 with orchis Dendrobium

My fav enemy suits + MA
3)Geara Doga (best zaku varient)
4)Neu Zeil
5)Gelgoog -J (only the 0080 izubuchi designs look right, even the 0083 ones
dont look as good)

Fav Alternate Suits

1) the Tallgeese 1,2,3 All are wuite cool
2) Gundam heavy arms custom
3) Mercurus and Vayeate
4) taurus
5 )virgo moble doll

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