Charlie Hetherington (
Sun, 08 Oct 2000 13:26:19 CDT

Mobile Suits
Zion- TOO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!!!! But my top 4 contenders are 1.Kampher 2.
Hygog 3. Zaku Kai 4. Gouf Flight Type

1. RX-79(G)

Alternate Universe Gundams
1. GX-9901 Double X (hands down)

Mobile Armor
Mobile armor are mainly used by psycopaths aren't they? In every series I've
seen it always some screwed up individual that wants to use them. I stay as
far away from these people and their mobile armor as I can because they have
a tendency to get killed in a very violent manner.


"You have the brain of a three year old boy, and I bet he was glad to be rid
of it." -Groucho Marx
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