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Subject: [gundam] [semi-humor] Dropping Big Nasty Things on Earth

> Thus, we can conclude that in a given Gundam anime there is a 50%
> chance
> that spacenoids will attempt to Drop A Big Nasty Thing On Earth.
> Spacenoids who wish to express their dissatisfaction with the Earth
> government and assist the human race's evolution are advised to use
> colonies in these schemes, as when they are actively deployed (as
> opposed
> to merely being used as a threat) they always manage to make
> planetfall.
> Asteroids have a fifty per cent success rate, and the only attempt to
> drop
> a space station on Earth ended in failure.

In G Gundam does the Devil Gundam count? Although deliberately
dropped/piloted to Earth, IMHO its B.N.T.


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