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> > one American voice actor Crispin Freeman (voiced in Slayers &
> Captain Tylor)
> > goes out of his way to watch the actual show before doing the role.
> >
> you know, i may be wrong, but while wtching the last of Gundam wing
> before it turned-over into another run of the series form start ot
> finish again i thought that the voice-actor of Zechs was a good
> choice
> and wondered what everyone was complaiing about, but then when
> episode 1
> came around i noticed an almost shocking difference. while at the end
> of
> the series Zechs sounded tragically heroic like he should have at the
> start he souded kinda.. oily :/ .. perhaps the voice-actors in that
> dub
> weren't encouraged to study thier characters much befor production
> began, leaving them to learn thier characters the hard way during
> recording..

Reminds mo of the CN Dubbed Akazukin Chacha here in Asia wherein the
voice style of Chacha changes to a more childish tone as the series
goes. The voice-actors' exposure to the whole series before recording
can significantly improve their performance.

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