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> Knowing China, they probably have put innocent people in prison simply for
> what they call "Consipiring Against The Establishment". I hate communists.

Communists don't have a monopoly on putting innocent people in prison for purely
political reasons. Anti-Communists, such as the House Committee on Un-American
Activities during what is now called the McCarthy Era (although the mindset is
still alive and well) were just as bad. It's just a little more difficult in a
"free" society -- or maybe it isn't. Just ask Wen Ho Lee.

And it's not always politics that puts innocent people behind bars or, worse,
executed for a crime they didn't commit. DNA tetsing has liberated over a dozen
death row inmates, wrongfully convicted through a lack of evidence and a surplus
of suspicion. Many were convicted simply because they were the only suspect,
and were the only suspect simply because they were not white. I recall a famous
case in Texas where three men were apprehended, but only one was prosecuted,
because, as the deputy told him at the time, "You're the nigger, so you're
elected!" It turned put that he was an innocent bystander and the two white men
they let go were the murderer and a witness to the murder.

For a case that combines both racism and Cold War politics, see my "Orphan Ann"
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"A Lie can get around the world twice before the truth has got its boots on!" --
Samuel L. Clemens ("Mark Twain")

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