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> Knowing China, they probably have put innocent
> people in prison simply for
> what they call "Consipiring Against The
> Establishment". I hate communists.

i don't like to butt into political commentaries...but
methinks it's far more than simple communism that's
being practiced in china. it's more like
totalitarianism under the facade of communism -- an
idealogy which has never seen actual faithful
practice, and only bastardized tainted interpretations
of it, from what i can see.

i'm no political genius (i have no mind for politics),
but from banging heads here and there online, i've
come to conclude that most people (americans mostly)
just hate communism for the sheer heck of it (just coz
it's always been democracy vs. communism) without
truly understanding what's wrong with communism or
even if it IS the communist part that they hate, or
the evils that people do in the name of communism.

to give an analogy: saying "communism is evil" and "i
hate communists" is like saying you hate christians
because christianity is evil for the way it converted
many unbelievers by the sword and how many many
un-christian knowledge and texts were burned. (and
how far is that mentality from saying "i hate
communists - china is a communist nation, therefore
all chinese are communists, therefore i hate all
chinese"?) you want to hack on something, then hack
on the people who claim to be christian and yet
practice atrocities. in the same vein, hack not on
communists, but on the people who misuse the ideology.
 (for the record, i think democracy is no better than

ok, enough outta me.


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