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<< personally, it goes down to this. we may as well boycott
 everythinginvolved with the Chinese government's use of slave labor, if we
 are serious. but we don't even know if some of the monitors and computers
 we are using has some parts made in these factories.>>


<< The proper question
 is, how do we get rid of the structures which encourage this? All that we
 can do for now is be aware of it, and press our politicians to do something
 about it...because boycotting will only result in them putting the prices
 even lower, or perhaps seeking less finicky'll be the same
 thing or worse for them.>>

  Right. This makes a lot of good sense to me. Boycotting out of good
Principle may be good, but they may not even know the reason for the boycott.
Unless I know for a 100% fact that MSiA's are made by forced labor, I will
still buy them, at least the one's that I want.

<< To not buy out of principle, while laudable, may
 not be the most effective thing to do. what would be effective is to get
 enough people to know about it, write about it and get the politicians
 nervous so they have to do something about it. That's their job, after
 all. It is our jobs as citizens of our respective nations to tell our
 respective politicians to get off their asses and do soemthing about it, if
 they actually can. >>

  Yep, you are right. You make very good points. Anyone who is concerned,
should write a letter or emailin to their Leaders, expressing their concern.
Even if we write them and even if they care, they still might not be able to
do anything about, no matter how much they care. Other then writing the
politicians, there's not much one can do. Our gorvernments have to take care
of domestic matters as well. Everyone can't go around being "Saviours" of the
world, right? :) Forced labor and humanity crimes will always be going in,
even if it's in secert. Some of this stuff is inevitable to always exist, as
people will never be perfect, no matter how much action is taken to prevent
it. It can be lessened, but I don't think, at least in our time, it can ever
be 100% stopped for good.

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