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<< This is just way wrong. It's this kind of thinking that screws up so many
things. Human rights go beyond our personal judgements of people's actions -
they have to be universal, or what then? Do we lower the standards of human
living for someone because we pass judgement on them?>>

  No, we do not. But if we tried to stop a country like China's doing their
crimes aganist humanity, it would probably result in us fighting China. As
they would feel we are meddling in their affairs. I am not afraid to fight
to protect innocent people, but by stopping a country like China from doing
its horrible things to people, what would the cost be? Is there something
more urgent and horrible then forced labor to help prevent? My point is,
there's lot's of other horrible crimes against humanity, including forced
labor, then just forced labor.

  A world wide task force to help protect against crimes against humanity
would need to be formed to handle this enormous task. This is no small task.
It would-take lot's of countries cooperation to provide the resources
required to pull this off. No one country can do this. Some countries are
probably willing to do this, but will they be enough? Some countries are
still fighting for petty reasons. This is such a monstrous under taking, that
it would take years just to work out a game plain. There will always be
horrible things done to innocents, no matter how much effort is put into
preventing it. My rationale may seem "wrong" to you, but it will surely
change some, if I knew what to search for on the 'Net, I could find articles
and further research these issues, so I could have a better understanding and
opinion of them.

<< For things like that to matter it's gotta be across the board. But,
let's make the assumption that that's OK... Are you ok with people being
used for forced labor when they were convicted in a backwards ass third world
(Altho they wish they weren't) communist country? Do you or I know enough
about the chinese justice system to know if these folks are really guilty of
the crimes they supposedly committed? I don't think that any of us really
know - and so is it ok for us to feel like they 'deserve' whatever shit
conditions are imposed upon them? Nah, I don't think so. But I'm playing a
bit of devil's advocate here. I will continue to buy goods from china. But
I think your rationale is totall!!>>

  I did not say it was okay for forced labor. I asked to be explained to what
was meant by prisoners. Are these prisoners like in USA jails or are they
innocent prisoners of communism? I said violent crime offenders deserve what
ever happens to them, NOT innocents!! Murdering someone in self defense
should not be punished, but killing or hurting, just for the sake of it,
needs to be punished. No, one should not be punished just for complaints
about one's government, like the Leaders of Communism do. If you know so much
about China, please inform me, so I can be a better informed person.

<< y wack. And as for telling othe
 r countries what to do, don't you think that human rights should be the same
no matter what country it's in? I find it funny that the US thinks it should
be the dispenser of culture for the rest of the world, but we have it pretty
good and everybody else deserves to have it that way too. Unfortunately that
is not the way it is, and I'm not living in some utopianist dreamworld, but I
find it frankly laughable that anyone could pass judgement on an entire
segment of a populace which they know nothing about and state that they
'deserve' to act as slaves to make our little toys because of supposed crimes
against their (completely fucked up) state. >>

  Yes, human rights should be for everyone, not matter no country. But how
many are willing to fight to prevent or end, horrible stuff like communism
and humanity crimes? Do you think Fidel Castro and China, are going to let us
waltz in and stop their horrible stuff? In one word, No! It will require
fighting to prevent stuff like. So, the US should become a peace protecting
force? I would fight to prevent horrible stuff like this, but how many others
would give up a life of comfort for hardship? Would you? I would like to
think I would, but I have my nagging doubts. That would be a very HARD choice
to make. I hope I made myself somewhat clearer.

Ack!, enough of this okay? Let's get back to our regularly scheduled
programming :) So to speak, okay?

"Believing a sign of Zeta"

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