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>> Who else other than me would like to see an HGUC Zeta Gundam (not the old
>> one that can't transform right)?
>Me, definitely. The HG kit was a dog from day one. I'd really like to see a
>NON-TRANSFORMING, accurate replica of this MS done up properly in 1/144
>scale. i think we might get one too, if the recent GP-01 is any indicator of
>future HGUC subjects. I rather doubt Bandai will be able to resist turning
>it into a transforming hunk o' junk, but hopefully the basic goods will be
>enough to work with. As it is, I'm still stuck halfway through a downright
>Frankenstinian kitbash of the 1985 kit... not a pretty sight.

Hmmm. The way that it works is that i can see it transforming, but it'll
be a simplified version of the MG, or perhaps may have parts-switching
involved. I wouldn't mind the MG look, as long as it solves the wing
problem, and has that mega-beam launcher. That way, they can have a new
version of that and the C+ as well.

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