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>How long would it take to end
>this? I better stop, as this is way off topic, but if people truly care
>this issue, they will realize this is beyond just being off topic, but I do
>not want to rant. If anyone has any ideas about this issue, please share

personally, it goes down to this. we may as well boycott
everythinginvolved with the Chinese government's use of slave labor, if we
are serious. but we don't even know if some of the monitors and computers
we are using has some parts made in these factories. The proper question
is, how do we get rid of the structures which encourage this? All that we
can do for now is be aware of it, and press our politicians to do something
about it...because boycotting will only result in them putting the prices
even lower, or perhaps seeking less finicky'll be the same
thing or worse for them. To not buy out of principle, while laudable, may
not be the most effective thing to do. what would be effective is to get
enough people to know about it, write about it and get the politicians
nervous so they have to do something about it. That's their job, after
all. It is our jobs as citizens of our respective nations to tell our
respective politicians to get off their asses and do soemthing about it, if
they actually can.
><< I don't quite understand why they use that ghastly soft plastic... for
> McFarlane's stuff it makes sense, what with the insane level of detail in
> their sculpts, but for simple shapes like MS, I just don't get it. .The
> plastic is the main thing that's kept me away, frankly, as I think it looks
> cheap, cheesy, and awful, and I hate the way that stuff feels to the touch,
> not to mention the stink.>>
> The plastic is not as bad as McFarlanes is. At least the MSiA's don't
>at the slightest touch. Yeah, they do stink, but if put on a shelf, the
>does go away some. I haven't done it with MSiA's, but other American toys
>that have the same type of smell, washing them in warm soapy water helps get
>rid a lot of the smell. I actually like the plastic they are made of. While
>rubberish, the plastic is durable, though. Model cement doesn't even hurt

It just looks a bit "foamy" to me. but what is the smell? that could be
dangerous, you know.


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