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This is just way wrong. It's this kind of thinking that screws up so many things. Human rights go beyond our personal judgements of people's actions - they have to be universal, or what then? Do we lower the standards of human living for someone because we pass judgement on them? For things like that to matter it's gotta be across the board. But, let's make the assumption that that's OK... Are you ok with people being used for forced labor when they were convicted in a backwards ass third world (Altho they wish they weren't) communist country? Do you or I know enough about the chinese justice system to know if these folks are really guilty of the crimes they supposedly committed? I don't think that any of us really know - and so is it ok for us to feel like they 'deserve' whatever shit conditions are imposed upon them? Nah, I don't think so. But I'm playing a bit of devil's advocate here. I will continue to buy goods from china. But I think your rationale is totall!
y wack. And as for telling othe
r countries what to do, don't you think that human rights should be the same no matter what country it's in? I find it funny that the US thinks it should be the dispenser of culture for the rest of the world, but we have it pretty good and everybody else deserves to have it that way too. Unfortunately that is not the way it is, and I'm not living in some utopianist dreamworld, but I find it frankly laughable that anyone could pass judgement on an entire segment of a populace which they know nothing about and state that they 'deserve' to act as slaves to make our little toys because of supposed crimes against their (completely fucked up) state.

>> What do you mean by "prison population" are these prisoners people who
commented violent or non violent, but hurtful/damaging crimes? If this is it
you mean, why feel guilty? I wouldn't feel guilty at all, if a violent
offender built my toys. Someone who kills or hurts someone just for the sake
it, deserves worse, if you ask me. Now if these are innocent people, then no,
this it not right at all. But we shouldn't feel guilty if it's done in
another country, as telling another country what to do is akin to going to a
friend's house and bossing him around. The friend would probably tell you to
leave or bust your nose! :) It is horrible for innocent people to be forced
to work under greuling condition's, but if it's not our job to tell other
countries what to do. Give advice Yes, but it's not really our job to help
fix a friend or neighbor's life, if they don't want your help, right?>>

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