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Fri, 6 Oct 2000 23:52:20 -0700 (PDT)

On this whole subject of forced labor...

As far as I know, the assumption that MSIA and other Bandai toys are made by
prison laborers is so far just that... an assumption. I would need to find
out more about it before jumping to conclusions. Granted, any toy with a
"made in China" label has a fairly high chance of being made this way... but
I'd want to know for sure. And such information can be difficult to track
down. If anyone does have more insight in this matter, I'd welcome it.

I'm not nearly enough of an idealist to believe that a boycott of
Chinese-manufactured toys is feasible, or that it would even make any kind
of difference. China is still a very insular country and extremely resentful
of outside meddling. If their prison population were not being put to work
for the sake of "industry", it is not likely their lives would be any
better. I try to follow my conscience with regards to what I spend money on,
but there's so much corruption and so much bad intent out there it's nearly
impossible to stay truly "clean" unless one subsists on a diet of bean
sprouts and makes all one's own clothing. I do think it's important to be as
informed as possible.... I've heard disturbing things about conditions at
Sony factories in Mexico that make it very unlikely I'll ever buy one of
their products again, and I will sure as hell never give a so much as a bent
cent to those evil bastards at Nike... but it's very, very hard to do the
right thing in a world so full of people who will screw their fellow man
into the ground for the sake of a quick buck. It saddens me, and it makes a
lot of the cool stuff in the toy store seem a lot less appetizing in

Ah, hell, I don't think I even have a point here. This is just depressing



Nobody's family can hang out the sign "Nothing's the matter here".

-Chinese proverb

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