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Fri, 6 Oct 2000 17:17:34 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 6 Oct 2000 16:31:24 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:

> If you got a MSiA lying around, look at the box or the back of the figure
> to see where it was made. Too bad they only mark the country but not the
> concentration camp where it came from. :|

Never have bought one, but that's still a shame if true. I had always
assumed Bandai made all their stuff in Japan, since that' s apparently the
case with their model kits and more deluxe toys (though I do have an
original RX-78 kit that's marked "Made In Thailand"). I have a real problem
with Chinese forced labor (worker's paradise, my shiny white ass) and try to
avoid products which I know utilize it (indeed, anything from any company
that uses sweatshop labor), so the chances that I will pick an MSIA up on a
whim now is pretty close to zero. Ah well.

> If they were a little cheaper, I'm willing to forgive the inconsistent
> quality problems. Their articulations definitely beat the SW and Spawn
> figures hands down, but sculpting needs more work.
I don't quite understand why they use that ghastly soft plastic... for
McFarlane's stuff it makes sense, what with the insane level of detail in
their sculpts, but for simple shapes like MS, I just don't get it. .The
plastic is the main thing that's kept me away, frankly, as I think it looks
cheap, cheesy, and awful, and I hate the way that stuff feels to the touch,
not to mention the stink.

As for price, 1000 yen on the Japanese market for a figure like that is
probably about right. For the US market, I couldn't see paying more than 7
bucks for one of the simplified GW types. Sure as hell not worth 18+ bucks
at Software Etc. and its ilk, though.

> Oh? Most of them are virtually identical to the model kits in terms of
> joint designs and construction.

I meant in terms of being toys. The level of finish and the extensive
articulation is somewhat unique among the small robot toys that have
preceded it... although I suppose MICROMAN was doing the same thing with
joints years ago.

> I think it was Richie who summed it up best - after spending a few
> with it the wow factor's gone and it gets put back in the box and thrown
> the closet.

I figure I'd feel the same way. I've got enough models as it is. Although I
, uhm, really do kinda want one of those ABIA DUNBINEs... hmmm.. moral



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