Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 6 Oct 2000 16:31:24 -0700

>On Thu, 5 Oct 2000 23:57:05 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>> Don't forget those MSiAs are made in a country where labor costs are low
>> because political prisoners are forced to make them without compensation
>> part of their "re-education", whereas the model kits are made in a
>> where quality is indeed job #1 and labor cost is high.
>Really? Ouch. I had assumed they were made in Japan as well. One more reason
>I won't be buying MSIA.

If you got a MSiA lying around, look at the box or the back of the figure
to see where it was made. Too bad they only mark the country but not the
concentration camp where it came from. :|

>Actually, I think MSIA are great little toys.

If they were a little cheaper, I'm willing to forgive the inconsistent
quality problems. Their articulations definitely beat the SW and Spawn
figures hands down, but sculpting needs more work.

>They're very innovative

Oh? Most of them are virtually identical to the model kits in terms of
joint designs and construction.

>look like they'd be lots of fun to play with...

I think it was Richie who summed it up best - after spending a few minutes
with it the wow factor's gone and it gets put back in the box and thrown in
the closet.


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