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> Subject: [gundam] If Gundam becomes majorly popular....
> ...do you think the critics will be as harsh towards it as they've been
> toward Pokemon, Digimon and even Princess Mononoke in some cases? There just
> seems to be a lot of ugly backlash towards anime, can Gundam be safe?

Gundam Wing could be said to already be majorly popular, at least among those
who can watch it, although the toys and models may be selling to people
unfamiliar with the show, simply because of the "cool" factor. "Hey, lookit
that robot! Cool!")

Gundam Wing is currently only available to those with cable or satellite
subscriptions that include Cartoon Network. The Mothers Against Damn Near
Everything Seen on Saturday (MADNESS) seem to focus their ire on network
syndication, because everyone's got access to it and it's rife with paedocentric

When Gundam is shown on Kid's WB and Fox alongside Power Rangers, Pokemon,
Digimon, and Card Captor Sakura or released theatrically as a Major Motion
Picture like Princess Mononoke, then it'll become a target.


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