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Once I translate the Mecha sheet from Senki you should be able
to derive stats from it... there are some other things you might be
inclined to add, though like Newtype powers, and the Minovski
particles, but these are easy to replicate in any game without any
need to make mecha alterations, but like I said before I wouldn't
recommend Gundam Senki for actually playing Gundam Mekton
I think Tsuneo's stats are a little high, and I tone them down some
I only use it for a reference because he is 'self-consistent' if Senki
says this one kind of Zaku is just as powerful as this other variant
of a Zaku then I ignore his stats for it, but give the variant unit the
same stats I gave to the basic Zaku.

Tsuneo spent a lot of time at Sunrise studios getting everything to
be correct, and has said there is NEW information in Senki that
is officially signed off on by Sunrise, so the history section ought
to be interesting all 120 pages of it. But Sunrise isn't a game co.
and I think when he created Senki, Tsuneo tried to build mecha
that are comparable to other Mekton mecha.

Everyone else that has ever converted them, has said, Gundam
MS don't belong in other universes, they are poorly armored and
explode quickly. In order to properly simulate the universe you
need to allow for the fact, that one well placed shot from a Zaku
can kill a Battleship, and one well placed shot from an Infantryman
with an anti-MS bazooka CAN kill a Zaku. By the same token
that infantryman almost ought to be able to kill the Battleship as well...

I'll put up the translation for Senki mecha sheets this weekend if
Internic makes my nameserver changes go through... that way you
can see what kind of stats are available, and go from there... but
you may just want to look at Neil's stats for MS in the other post
I sent, he has Senki, and has done a lot of MS stats for his 0084


> What shows does the book Cover?
> So if I have the actual Mekton book it should not be to hard to get stats
> and other useful game mechanics from it?
> Ray

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