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Subject: [gundam] Is there any Endless Waltz version where Dorthy is

Uh... I have an Endless Waltz with Dorothy in it. Yes, it's the movie
version which other than her role there has extra footage that makes the
movie worth it.

>What up everyone~~

>OK. I just encountered this one;;;; PERSON;;; saying that
>he say an Endless Waltz with Dorthy in it. Now I have the >Three part OVAs
>but didn't bother to buy the Movie version because I know it is >basically
>exactly the same thing. But Is Dorthy in the movie version? >If not, is
>there any other version which has Dorthy in it? I am about 99% >sure that
>this kid is but just wanted to be careful before I >start
>him. ^^

>Hyun KYe

And doesn't that one(1) percent of error just hurt!!! v^^

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