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Definitely. Personally, I thought the old HG's were pieces of shit and I for
one think SI looks crappy. My HG zeta has terrible proportions, bad
coloring, etc... (I do dig the offwhite green color tho, but not for that
kit) ..... The HGUC models are totally superior in my opinion to the 1/144
HG series kits (I mean individual tv series models - the ones that came
later) ... I think they're worth the extra dosh for the difference. Altho,
I would like clear mono eyes and not stickers. The beam sabers I could care
less about really. I'm pretty happy with the HGUC line, I just hope they
come out with more obscure mecha I dig (But you have no idea how stoked I was
to see the 'shiki and the zaku III - keep it up baby!)

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> For the record, I'd like to see more features in the HGUC line too. They ARE
> too simple. But it was clearly never Bandai's intent to make mini-MG's out
> of them, so I just enjoy them for what they are. 1/144 kits in the
> yen range would be great, but that's just not what the HGUC line is meant
> to be. It's positioned to start just above the old bread-and-butter 500-600
> yen kits, and will probably peak at or just below the 1/100 HG's. Bandai
> to cover their market, and not every item can be a premium item. S'the way
> it goes.

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