Fri, 6 Oct 2000 02:08:38 EDT

Honestly, comparing MSIA's to HGUCs isn't fair, because its two different
mediums. One's a model, and the others a toy. You wouldn't compare a Tamiya
car kit, with one of those diecast cars you see everywhere. MSIAs are cool
for bein a toy, but thats all it is. I've been making gunpla for eight years
and the joy I get from completing a model is knowing that I put in time and
care to make the model, so I have an attachment to it. The gunpla that I've
made over the years are still up on display in my room. I've had the
original MG Zaks in my room ever since they came out. Toyus like the MSIA on
the other hand, I just pay for my toys, mess around with it for a couple of
days, put it on hte shelf for a couple of weeks, but as soon as the wow
factor disappears, it goes right back into the box and into the closet. My
first MGs have been on my shelf for about 4 years.

I for one like the HGUC line, and for all those people complaining about the
lack of clear mono-eyes, all you have to do is buy a wave-eye kit, for a few
hundred yen. I like MGs because of the detail, but I love HGUCs because we
see subjects made into kits that otherwise wouldn't be made into a kit in MG
scale, I mean come on, do you see Bandai making a MG gyan in the forseeable
future. The point is, HGUCs are made at a cheaper price point and you can't
expect MG scale quality in them. If they were loaded with MG level details,
then they wouldn't be HGUC any more, they'd be miniMG. I mean, say we did
get HGUCs with MG level of quality, then I bet we'd see people complaining
that they'd never want to pay 4000 yen for a 1/144 scale sazabi or 3000 for a
1/144 GM.

The point i'm trying to make is that we should just appreciate the HGUC line
for its merits. I mean, no amount of bitching from us is going to change the
HGUC line, and if you don't like it, well theres no evil Bandai rep pointing
a beam saber to your head making you buy the kit.


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