garrick lee (
Thu, 5 Oct 2000 22:49:26 -0700 (PDT)

> MSiA's are just as good, if not better then HG's
> in my opinion. When an
> MSiA has removeable beam saber blades and an HG kit
> *DOESN't*, then what's
> the point of the HG label?


sorry, aaron, but i really have to violently disagree
with "msia better than kits". msia, from my own
experience, and from what i can see through the
blister packs (as i will never ever ever ever ever
again buy msia) are absolute crap. godawful painting
and panel lining with joints that are worst than your
oldest living grandparent's arthritis.

if you paint your kits, system injection doesn't
really matter in the first place and gimmicky stuff
like detachable blades (that are less stable than one
piece sabres) make less sense.

the point of an HG label is it's better engineering,
fit, design and it's simply being a model kit, than
that of a msia.

in a way, the old gp01 kit is better than an msia.



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