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> http://www.ehobbyland.com/BB-G0-Set4a.jpg
> Does anybody know what that red, star-shaped one to the left is called? I
> haven't seen it anywhere.

This is why it's a good idea to learn the Japanese katakana and hiragana
alphabets, because the name is spelled out right there: Rafflesia. It's from
Gundam F91. The others, moving clockwise, are the Apsarus III (08th MS Team),
Psycho Gundam (Z Gundam), Ball (Gundam), "Lalar [Type] Mobile Armor" = Elmeth
(Gundam), Val Varo (Gundam 0083), and Brau Bro (Gundam), with the Magella Attack
(Gundam) in the center.

The XMA-01 Rafflesia is the Mobile Armor piloted by Iron Mask Koroso Ronah at
the end of Gundam F91. It's named for the flower that it resembles, a Malaysian
dicotyledonous plant that, like the orchids for which the Gundam 0083 MS are
named, are paasitic on other plants. Rafflesia -- named for Sir Stanford
Raffles, colonial administrator of Malaysia at the time of its discovery in
1930, for whom the famous Raffles Hotel in Singapore was also named -- has
fleshy and notoriously foul-smelling apetalous flowers emerging from the host,
imbricated scales in place of leaves and no stems.

1991 was a big year for flowery names in Gundam. Gundam F91 gave us the
Rafflesia and Gundam 0083 the Zephyranthes, Physalis, Dendrobium, and Gerbera

Talk about putting the petal to the metal...!


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